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Mesh Tecnologia develops highly reliable technological solutions for critical mission applications in the areas of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), energy, electronic automation, information technology and communication, in accordance with our client’s needs.


The CBM equipment installed in passenger trains has the objective of supervising and registering events on real time.

It provides the Operating Controls Area with permanent assessment of functional performance and assists the Maintenance Area with immediate identification of issues within embedded systems and permanent railway.

The CBM was developed with 100% Brazilian technology and it is currently installed in 100% of the Rio de Janeiro subway (Metro-Rio) train fleet.


The TDATA is a safe system utilized to transmit signaling data between adjacent rail-yards, ensuring safety of the licensing between rail-yards, while keeping Fail Safe configuration. The TDATA equipment allows transmission through radio, fiber optics or paired wire.

This equipment allows the grand advantage of eliminating the reoccurring problem of theft of copper cables that are widely used in the signaling system interface, which not only is detrimental to the safe circulation of trains, but also generates a substantial financial loss to operating companies. The TDATA is installed on SuperVia (Privatized Company operating public on-surface trains in Rio de Janeiro), facilitating some parts of the communication between CTC (Collective Transportation Company) and signaling.


The Metronet is an integrated system to the CBM equipment. It allows real time availability of supervised events within the embedded systems and commands utilized by the train operator to the Control and Maintenance Areas whenever trains perform in-station services.

Besides real time availability of events, Metronet also provides the train’s location, speed and odometer reading.

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