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Consulting and Project Management

From its beginning in 1994, Mesh Tecnologia has the objective to develop integrated technological solutions, involving software and hardware, to attend the needs articulated by clients.

The company is also active in the consulting arena, developing and managing projects that allow the integration of product and program from diverse manufacturers within cutting-edge technology areas, such as the examples below:

Metrô Rio

Computer Boarded for Monitoring – CBM

The Computer Boarded for Monitoring (CBM) has the objective of supervising and registering events on real time. It provides the Operating Controls Area with permanent assessment of functional performance and assists the Maintenance Area with immediate identification of issues within embedded systems and permanent railway.

The CBM was developed with 100% Brazilian technology and it is currently installed in 100% of the Rio de Janeiro subway (Metro-Rio) train fleet.

Signaling Radios

After the CBM implementation, our client expressed the necessity of complementing crucial information, associating the registry of events to the positioning of the trains within the circuit, stations and inner stations. Mesh Tecnologia developed the appropriate radio solution and integrated it to the CBM, which allowed accurate real time registering of the train’s positioning in the circuit during commercial operations.

Bases (Data Transmission)

The Operations Planning and Maintenance areas were left with a substantial amount of registered data from trains. However, there was a great deal of discrepancy in the data availability process, provided that it was done completely manually. This way, we identified a new challenge for the development of a technological solution that would attend the client’s demand. We developed equipments and programs that allow the automated transmission of registered data in trains to the server that is integrated with the Metro-Rio internal network. All the real-time registered information became easily available for consultation and analysis.

SuperVia (RJ)


The TDATA-Mesh-Tecnologia equipment project was developed to meet the existing need of several sub-urban train operating companies to remedy the issue of increasing amount of theft of copper cables utilized in the signaling system interface. This issue not only damages the trains’ circulation, but it also generated enormous financial losses.

The TDATA-Mesh-Tecnologia executes the acquisition, conversion and transmission of data with Fail Safe technology that dedicatedly acts in the Signaling/Telecommunications system, allowing the substitution of copper cables to fiber optics and radio communication.

Metrô Salvador

Bonfim Consortium (MPE-BOMBARDIER)

The city of Salvador (Brazil’s 4th largest city) is working to soon implement a subway system to attend its population, thus considerably improving its public system quality.

Mesh Tecnologia was hired by the Bonfim Consortium, one out of the others working on the Salvador Subway project, formed by the companies MPE and Bombardier. Mesh Tecnologia is the company responsible for the execution of projects for the implementation of Telecommunication & Signaling Systems as well as the Integrated System for Traffic and Energy Control (SICTE).

Santos Tram

In the past years, the city of Santos (located in Sao Paulo) has been implementing a project to recover its city historical center. Within the set of measures related to this project is the recovering of the city’s tram system.

Mesh Tecnologia has had an important role in this process, for it has been acting as prime consultant from the beginning of the tram recovery services to its original forms, to the projecting and connection of the executive services of railway lines and energy systems.

In 2008 the Santos Tram System went through a new extension process and Mesh Tecnologia acted as technical consultant in the railway executive project (permanent railway) and energy system (above ground network), along with TERMAQ.

Metrô São Paulo


  • Execution and Supervision of assembly and installation of Telecommunication Systems.
  • Customization of supplier’s project.
  • Preparation of additional projects, including as-builts.
  • Tests monitoring, commissioning and operation implementation, corresponding with the project scope.

(Companhia Paulista de Transporte Metropolitano)

  • Consulting for Signaling Systems Engineering, Telecommunications and Radio-communications Projects.
  • Implementation of site-surveys regarding the Signaling, Telecommunications and Radio-communications systems.
  • Consulting and Technical Advising services concerning the complementation, follow-through, and supervision of projects, as well as provision of additional equipments and materials.

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